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Sep 4, 2018
Do you watch a movie weekly in theater or at home, office? I am currently watch a movie once in a month or for sometime. I am not a big fan of entertainment like my friends who watch every week a new cinema.
If Covid wasn't wrecking havoc with my plans, I generally would go to the discount theater 2-3 times a month. Now it is something like once a month.
It s a long time I have been to Cinema, I am passing it everyday I go to shop, but I watch movies online.
Now i watch movies online from my office because of this pandemic season :) in the past i watch movies at cinema minimum 2-3 times on a month.
I'm watching the movies only in-home (I have a NETFLIX account and every night I watch a short movie there before I go to my bed).

Netflix is the best app ever for movies^^
I have never watched a movie in the cinema before but I am used to watching movies on my smartphones or on my laptops or probably cable TV.
I do like to watch movies but at times it takes a longer period of time before watching any movie due to engagements on other aspects of life.
I haven't gone to a cinema to watch a movie actually but I have watched alot on my laptop and on my phone .I do watch Series and Anime so I do stick to them alot
I havent gone to the cinema because I usually watch it on my computer but I used to go once a month. I just love movies so I might watch like 3 times a week.

That's amazing. My family and I enjoy movies as well, though we've made a commitment to make Friday evenings our family movie night. Reminds me of when I was younger and looking forward to the Sunday night Disney movies.

I'm not sure if it happens to you, but for us, there's often so much content we struggle with which movie to watch and spend a great deal of time watching trailers and trying to decide. This often makes movie night quite late lol.
I unfortunately don't have a weekly thing with movies, because I think that many movies these days aren't worth watching, I was plrobably watching all of the good movies when I was younger so there are not many good movies left to watch. I like movies with aliens, good action, fantasy, global chaos, I don't like the humoristic ones or the romantic ones, I basically like those where interesting things happen. My favorite movie is "Harry Potter" and it is really nostalgic to me.
It really depends on what is out. If a movie comes out to rent that my husband and I both want to see, we have a movie night or do a family movie night if it's something our kids are into.
Ever since the pandemic of coronavirus, I have only managed to go to the cinema and watch movie twice and last movie that I can recall going to the cinema to watch was Top Gun: Maverick because of the kind of trend the movie carried when it was in production and when it was released. I'm still trying to work around making out enough time for me to be going to the cinema lately and I hope that I get that sorted out was very soon.

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