Virtual Reality is giving new hope for prisoners serving life sentences


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A few days ago, I saw a video from YouTube channel of VICE on the title topic. At the center of the video was a group of people in their 40's serving life sentences without parole in a US prison. They were convicted when they were teenagers & they haven't seen the outside world ever since. At this point, the founder of a VR based start up company visits these people & gives them a chance to experience the modern world through VR with permission from prison officials. The pure surprise of seeing the world & its amenities through a VR headset was obvious in their faces. In a specific example, one of the prisoner can be seen using a virtual modern washing machine through VR controls. This experience could help them cope with the present world, in case they get parole. This is just a new example of the true potential of VR.


One part of me thinks that criminals that have received a life sentence doesn't deserve that kind of luxury. I mean think about the amount of people that live on the street, or are too poor to ever be able to purchase such items. Although, I still think it's a pretty nice thing to do from the VR company.


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That is a really cool way of giving hope to prisoners. I am a bit skeptical about it though especially if you are looking at those that committed heinous crimes. It would make more sense if this kind of services are being offered to those with small crimes. I really don't see the point of giving a serial killer of a mass rapist any form of solace in the form of virtual reality.


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Well as for me I don't really know much about this and I have no idea about it but I think it is a pretty good idea, we just need to look forward to the future.


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While serving a mandatory life sentence at Graterford jail, a state correctional facility outside of Philadelphia, he had only seen it in a virtual reality film. He had been imprisoned since 1980, when he was just 17 years old, when he was arrested.


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I think it's a good idea since it would provide a lon environment where these people can relate and coexist without the danger of harming anyone physical and it also a safe space to judge and measure the individual character.


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So the computer software creates an artificial environment for prisoners to believe the new artificial environment exist for them to carry out some task, they most be lucky then. This will just be like a game for them, I heard visual reality uses the sense of light and sound.
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