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What do you think of smoking ll together? Are you an ex smoker who is now vaping? Do you hope to quit vape anytime soon? I've never smoked as I'm aware of the risks
It will bring cancer problems and mentality if we start to smoke everyday or whenever.. I am never interested in smoking so I will be controlling for life breathe.

Do not smoke and don't get health problems.
I would advise vaping for certain parents because they're not going to quit smoking, in general, around young people.
If you’re a smoker who cant quit then yes as vaping is much less harmful than cigarettes, theres three main ingredients in e-liquid ans thats VG, PG and Nicotine.. all three are not harmful to your health as studies show. VG and PG are in foods, asthma inhalers and so on. Nicotine is nothing in comparison to the thousands of chemicals in a cigarette.