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Other than kids are now having their holidays and so expecting trolls being bored, well being kids and bored. We have other news to say. If you making and earning we all know that twitch takes half of your subs and bits when you receive them as you are live streaming, however when people donate to you by Paypal, Twitch doesn't get any cut from that payment yet goes straight to you, that might change soon enough!

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Twitch makes so much money in a day that takes me a year to get, and now they saying that if a person donates $50 twitch wants to take half of that money!!

What are your points to this article?
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greediness on twitch adminstration... I hope they won t do it honestly, or if they do it they should do it only for the users who earn over 10k a month...


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It is possible for them to do the twitch administration for anybody. if they are doing it for only people who earn up to 10 or 20 k every month then I believe they are an honest.

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The new report on streaming analytics was published by Stream Hatchet, a website that collects data from live streams and esports. With 73 million hours watched in just the first quarter of the year, it's no wonder that xQc has topped the list as the most-watched streamer on the network.


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I don't really understand this topic, when you say twitch streaming lookout.but I believe it is interesting and it seems like it is all about YouTube


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Twitch is becoming quite selfish and greedy and I hate this kind of greediness on the part of twitch despite the huge amount of money that they are making from their customers.
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