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If you girls/guys didn't heard about the platform TSUSOCIAL.COM let me tell you a story.


TsuSocial.com is a social network that pays its users, this payment is a percentage of its ad revenue for posting original content. Tsu is different from Facebook or Instagram because it distributes half of the platform’s revenue to its users, while traditional social networks get all the profit without sharing anything with content creators. The usage of the site is free and the membership structure is invite-only.

Tsu was originally launched on October 21, 2014. The first version closed down in August 2016. In 2019 the relaunch of the platform was announced with a more sustainable version (the original concept was to share 90% of the gains of the platform with users. However, this model failed because it couldn’t afford the project’s costs). The main change in the business plan of the new Tsu was the percentage of revenue distribution (from 90% to 50%). In addition, the project also promised to be more aggressive in marketing and partnerships with major influencers.


Anyone can join me at Tsu, this is the social that pays! Tell them @vest1992 sent you.


There are two ways to make money on Tsu: by creating original content or by inviting other users to the platform. When you post content on Tsu, users can interact with the post as well as any other social network. The more viewed your content is, the more money you earn. This encourages users to create quality content.

The other way to earn money is by inviting other users to the platform. When you create your Tsu account, you receive a personalized invitation link. Each registered user with this link will generate revenue for you in a multi-level marketing system. For example, if vest1992 invited Galen to Tsu, vest1992 will receive 1/3 of the amount that Galen receives. Let’s consider that Galen invited Vincent. In this case, Galen will receive 1/3 of the amount that Vincent receives, and vest1992 will receive 1/9 of what Vincent receives. And so on. So the more people you invite (and the more people they invite), the more you will win. It is important to start early in order to reap the maximum benefits.

Therefore, we recommend that you work hard. Spend time with planning, thinking what kind of content could stand out for the audience you want to reach. Of the existing options, Tsu is certainly the best alternative for you to invest right now, not only because Tsu is at the beginning and growing fast, but also because it pays content creators like no other social network does.


1. Download the app by using this invite link.
2. Register your details and add vest1992 when you are asked whom invited you.


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I already have an account in TSU but i just completed my profile and i didn't use it
it's true that we can earn good amounts of money from it especially from refferrals


Tsū is a social network based in New York. Tsū is a unique online community for content creators and consumers. Unlike most social networks, Tsū strongly believes in rewarding users who contribute to the growth and success of the platform.


Coming with an update at this time, even though I did not do yet one dollar USD with them, I still keep the account live and earning. I think for you to earn there enough to cash out you need to daily post several posts (videos-images) like on any other social platforms that pays for your content, even more I think it could help if you have several devices from friends who are actively engaging with the content you promote so that it will show to their algorythm that your content should get more views ( I think they have similar things with how the Tick Tock platform works - not 100% sure but it s possible)

So if you want to earn with this platform try to create daily, use hastags and try to make it appealing by writing that you give love back to anyone that is sharing your content, reacting to it or commenting. Engaging in communities like this is the most important, because it makes users stay more in the app that is how they earn not only from advertisements, generating traffic like in any forum/website it is the most important.

If you have any kind of questions shot the below and I will answer as soon as I have some spare time. thanks!


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Well as for me I am new to this site TSU. But according to your explanation here it sounds very interesting to me, I'll have to make more research on it.


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I don't know nothing about this website I am just reading about now. It seems the easiest way to make moneyoff it is to do refering