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The last game you completed

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I don't remember what games i have completed the last because mostly i only play multiplayer games where there are no levels to complete
It's been along time since i played a game till the end ... but i think the last game i finishied is prince of persia ... ( last part) but since then every game i had taugh time to pass to next level i stop playing it ... i think the will of childhood is stronger than adults and that explain why only children finish the games they play
I think the last game i complete was tomb raider i completed all the parts it was amazing and enjoy it a lot
i can rate all parts at 9/10 what about you you didn't tell us what was the last game you did complete :p
I never complete a game lol haha, I only play PES, FIFA games so those games are never complete and you still menage your team year after year (unlimited seasons lol:p:ROFLMAO: )
I stopped playing single player game a long time ago, I do not remember either what game I have finished, maybe a mobile game of bid wars.
I just remastered Max Payne 2 , what a savage game it was , I've said it before and I am saying it again.
Me too, and I still playing it...I also finished Max Payne 1 and 10 minutes ago Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos YUGI THE DESTINY,after 4 months of "torment" I finally finished it, more precisely I collected all the cards that the game offers, I will search new games :)
There are a whole lots of them but the notable ones are gta and god of war. Not just once or twice, I have completed them a lot of times and I will complete them again
There are lots of games that I ha e completed the recent one happens to be score hero I played them virtually every time I don't have things to do exceptionally my phone .
I was able to complete super Mario till the last stage repeatedly,I was also able to complete Turtle Ninjas,one of the most difficult games I have encountered,it was really fun especially when you own the game.
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