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Struggling with WordPress?

Learn WordPress in about an hour with our easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.
Tired of wasting your valuable time scouring Google for WordPress tutorial videos? Tired of homemade videos filled with confusing tech jargon or ‘uhs’ and ‘ums?’ Our video tutorials are meticulously scripted and professionally produced with the beginner in mind. Ready to stop searching and start learning?

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Well I am not struggling with WordPress because WordPress is a very good platform to set up your blog. Since I setup my blog using this WordPress platform, I haven't had any issues with them.
When I created my first wordpress site the only experience I had was using wordpress as a free blogging platform and wordpress content management system on a couple of article sites. I was able to create my wordress site in just 5 minutes, and spent another 5 minutes to customize my site, and another 5 minutes to publish articles (I had articles ready for my site). In less than 20 minutes, my site was ready fro public viewing.
Go to youtube, watch a 10 minutes video on how to create a wordpress site, and you are well informed to create your first wordpress site. Creating a wordpress site is very easy.
Wordpress is one of the highest content management system in the world right now and it is easy to use and also the easiest to use when it's gone to search engine optimisation most especially on page search engine optimisation it is the best to manage content
If you are struggling to setup your WordPress website, you can simply go to the WordPress forum to search for the problems and you are likely to see some solution doing that.
WordPress is the best content management system to use as a prospective website owner because it will give you access to use all your options and the beauty part of it is that it's easy to navigate.
Creating a free wordpress site is as simple as creating a gmail account. However, I have never tried creating a paid wordpress site or used wordpress as content management system
Wish I even know how to use or ascess word press , am so confused on some of this website app
Wordpress is the best blogging platform to use as blogger. It is easy to use and it has many features that we can use with that platform. It can be changed into other category like marketplace
I do not struggle with any website or platform to learn I just simply download YouTube videos or go to udemy if I need a more direct approach.
Actually, some people may be finding it difficult to create a WordPress site and may need your video tutorial, but you did not specify how to get your tutorial. In the absence of that, I think one can still find a lot of video tutorial on YouTube on how to create WordPress site. One can subscribe to one of the network cheap YouTube plans to download or watch the videos. It is just my contribution.
WordPress is very easy to use due to the availability of numerous free and premium plugins. If someone is struggling to build a website with WordPress, I will advice you get yourself a domain and then create a subdomain to use for your practices before you implement and idea on the main domain.