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Should you put 50% of your income in crypto?


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Mar 29, 2022
I would say no because ive heard many people now use crypto as a bank for them as I wouldnt do that because what happends if it crashes? You lose everything you had or atleast a big amount. Let me hear what you think about it? Would you put 50% of your income in crypto?
It's advisable to invest some good amount of money into cryptocurrency in other to have a better returns but sometimes it depends on individuals and the such kind of knowledge you have concerning cryptocurrency.
According to what you wrote I want to clarify that crypto currency won't crash but a coin can lose its value and become irrelevant in the market, that is why If you want to save through crypto currency you should for the more stable coins like USDT.
I'm not disputing that cryptocurrency is a very lucrative investment but if you need to put 50% of your account on it you will be ready to take a very high risk because it is a volatile venture.
Even if it were not cryptocurrencies , I do not think it is advisable for anybody to invest 50% of their income into an investment platform simply because they're looking out for some profit .
Because cryptocurrency is a very risky type of investment it is advisable to put 2% of your income on it. This is what is found in the book of risk management if you really want to continue trading.
Definitely not, I think that digital coins are too risky and since they can possibly always go down, you may lose a lot of money just because you agreed to take that risk Although it is also possible to earn a lot of money from the digital coins it doesn't worth the risk in my opinion.
The crypto-currency market as we all know is very volatile and I am not going to advise you to inject all of that money into it. Investing in anything around 10 to 15% is a healthy amount.
It is not advisable to put 50% of your income on cryptocurrency because it is a very risky business the thing that you could do now is to put very small amount of money on it.
Putting 50% of your income would be a risk and it is not advisable to do that you can only put about 5% of your account on a business like cryptocurrency because of its level of high-risk.
Putting 50% of your income would be a risk and it is not advisable to do that you can only put about 5% of your account on a business like cryptocurrency because of its level of high-risk.
It is indeed in the high-risk investment and it is very risky for somebody to put 50% of your account on such business because it would be very detrimental at the end and that is why it is very important to put the money that you can afford to lose.
Investing 50% of your income in crypto is a risky venture you should not invest that such a huge amount of money in a highly risky investment but if you invest about 3% of your income is okay.
According to experts, one should spend only 2% to 5% of their net worth on crypto to avoid the risk and volatility associated with cryptocurrency. The crypto market is still too young to warrant a bigger allocation in an investment portfolio.
I don't think it makes sense to put 50% of your income into cryptocurrency. This is not an investment it is a gambling. If care is not taken you might lose your entire investment. The amount you are willing to invest must be the one you can afford to lose in case you don't make profit with the investment. I think 10% is enough to put aside for investment out of your income.
You should never invest up to 50% of your income and any investment platform not to talk of cryptocurrency because investment is not really ascertained to be profitable rather it is just a game of knowledge you have to know before you can be able to invest profitably.
The cryptocurrency industry is too large for you to try to make that kind of mistake. I even advise that you should not put more than 5% or at most 10% of your entire portfolio into cryptocurrency.
It is likely to end in tears for you if you are going to do that and I am going to advise that you should try as much as possible to diversify your portfolio but not overexpose it because 50% is too much
Cryptocurrency is so unpredictable and as a result , it is only advised that you invest what you can afford to lose, I'm talking this based on the fact that some cryptocurrency can easily rugpull. . Luna actually drop from $100 to 0.00008. There are so many people who lost their life savings here.
It is going to be an unwise investment for you to put that huge amount of your portfolio only into cryptocurrency even given that cryptocurrencies are volatile and the many public bodies are not liking it.
The basic rule of the global financial investment does not say that you should invest 50% of your income in cryptocurrency or any other financial investment. It was stated clearly in the rules of financial investment that you could only invest 1% of your account in any financial investment most especially when it is online.

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