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SEO as Gaming the System


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Jul 11, 2016
Well, of course it is. I mean, Google will often get angry at companies trying to "game the search engines", but the legal methods are also gaming. In other words, they are people using big money to change the SEO situation, cause, honestly, that's the only thing that does it - minus people who can create cool viral stuff with little money.
Google frowns at people who are trying to game the system. That is the reason why they are rolling constant update in order to catch and deal with those who are trying to game the system. In fact, those who are not going the system are also affected by the constant Alogrithm update. White hat SEO tactics is not a way to game the system. That is the only thing that can be done in order stay on the good book of Google.
I understand this topic which I have observed in the search results list whenever I would do a search. Google is my usual search engine but sometimes I use Yahoo or Bing. I have noticed that the top 5 of Google rarely changes which can mean that those websites are doing their best to take hold of their ranking. I am not insinuating anything but my take is if you are doing all the SEO work that is possible then you can probably be like those in the top 5 - uploading new contents, tagging with just enough keywords, spreading your link in the internet and even in social media, etc.
SEO is all about rejiggering your content so computers can read it more effectively and, as a result, will place your site higher in search results than the next guy. The goal here is to drive more traffic from searches for specific keywords – but it’s actually a practice detrimental to your site overall.
Black hat SEO is a way to game the system. With black hat you will be able to rank your website on search engine sin short time. I believe SEO companies also use SEO as a way to game the system.
Trying to cheat the Google search optimisation system would be akin to trying to do an illegal and lawless act on the internet and Google search engine will definitely find you out and penalized you.
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