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NEWS Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs accuses drinks giant Diageo of racism in US lawsuit

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Dec 23, 2020
Rapper and producer says company undermined joint venture by marketing key products Ciroc and DeLeon as ‘Black brands’The US rapper, producer and entrepreneur Sean Combs has sued the spirits giant Diageo, accusing the British multinational of racism, and of deliberately undermining a joint-venture spirits brand.In a court filing on Wednesday, lawyers for Combs say Diageo and its executives have “put their feet on the neck of Mr Combs’ brands”, choking off production, distribution and sales of Combs Wines and Spirits brands, including Ciroc vodka and the high-end tequila brand DeLeon. ...

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I think that racism and discrimination should be condemned under all circumstances. Such kind of cases should be investigated and racist people should be punished.
I didn't even know he was still around or doing anything. A lot of companies get accused of racism but the ones that legitimately are have the money and know the connections to avoid this sort of thing. Worth keeping in mind.
racist people should be punished
How do you think a racist person should be punished? I am curious as it is not against the law to be racist. Is it right? Well, certainly not but if a person chooses to be racist that is a personal choice. I think companies are different. If you mean the company itself, the market tends to handle this sort of thing. Racist brands and companies seldom exist for very long when they are found out.