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Nonetheless, though, the demand simply isn't high enough for many to make a part-time or full-time job of "selling forums".

In regards to the word "many", we see it, the adjective isn't describing anything written out. The word assumed is "people". O.K., is this legal? It's the way people talk, but is it grammatically correct?


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Yes, that is the correct use. It is implied that you are referencing people when you are talking about work, jobs, and selling forums. I mean generally, it is implied to always refer to people as it is the default so unless you are specifically talking about plants or animals, one assumed you mean people.


The english language is made to be used as a power in persona instances, most of the words are wisely made to be able to control facts, they have changed meanings of other languages because of theirs. I am going to give you one exampe which is weirdly not healthy.

To take care of someone is in romanian is ”a ingriji” but it was transformed to ”ingrijorare” which means worry. the english language was made with specific reasons out of several other languages to have power of speech, since we all create as we speak. Speeling is doing a spell.
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