Qmee: SCAM or LEGIT?

Website Name: Qmee
Website Link: https://www.qmee.com/
Founded: 2012 by "Jonathan Knight and Nick Sutton".
Review by: Alexander Money

What is Qmee?

How much you will earn will depend on how regularly you use Qmee, and what tasks are completed. Users can complete studies, cashback offers, and earn small amounts from surfing the web. When they make their first PayPal withdrawal, referring your friends & family to Qmee will also award you with £1/$1. ssdad.png

In addition, all rewards are sent automatically and you can cash out at any time, there is no minimum withdrawal requirement. Earnings can be redeemed through a choice of Gift Card Partners and the payment processor, PayPal. Payments are received within a matter of minutes. Under the history tab on Qmee, you will find your total gross earnings from the webpage and how the funds were accumulated.

Qmee is available to download on the App and Google Play Store. It's a free application to install and use.

Is Qmee a Scam?

Qmee is not a scam, it's a legit GPT (Get Paid To) program. We all know that Trustpilot is a trusted review website where thousands of customers can review a product or service being provided. The company has an overall reputation of 4.5/5.0 which shows how trustworthy they are. Attached below are pictures of payment that been sent to my PayPal for fulfilling offers on their site:



+ Users can earn money from simply searching the internet
+ Earn cash back for online shopping
+ High Paying Studies (some £1.50+)
+ Fast Email Support that replies within 24 hours


Overall Review: 10/10
So, what are your thoughts on Qmee?
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As @Alexander has made clear, Qmee is definitely not a scam; I can tell you from experience. I started using Qmee when I was in college and I have earned a useful amount of money for minimal effort. Whilst it won't make you the big bucks, it's perfect for students or someone trying to save a bit of money. I must have made £100+ in less than a year, and I barely use it anymore.
Thanks, the information, but how long can it take to have the minimum amount for withdrawal, can you withdraw $ 1? I am interested in the subject
Sounds like a great paltform, and seems like you made some really good money from surveys with them. Though I think the surveys are mainly focused on geo location advertising, so using it won t help me from my location.
Qmee looks good platform but the problem is that it is not available worldwide.. I am from Bulgaria and it isnt possible to sign up there.
Qmee looks good platform but the problem is that it is not available worldwide.. I am from Bulgaria and it isnt possible to sign up there.
Yes,exactly. Qmee is only available for USA/UK, Canada and those tier 1 countries. Im from Romania and I can't signup as well.
I am very interested in joining the site and from now on I will try to register hopefully by joining the site and completing the task and mission I can get additional income
I am going to take a break on registering to survey sites, I have done several reviews for them.
This is the first time I am hearing about this platform called Qmee. From your analysis you wrote, it is obvious its a well-paying site, and I think its one of the very few earning platform site where you can withdraw as low as one cent. that alone is really amazing. I will check it out and see how can maximize my earning on the platform.
I've been doing this for years and it is definitely legit. I find it works best oo Amazon and Ebay although some other sites do trigger it. I like it because it pays in my own currency.
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