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I'd say if you like the battle royale type games, then the Call of Duty mobile is much better game. And also the fortnite. Because both of those games have more userbase. In case of the PUBG, you have more bots and also the chinese cheaters who use the cracks. So if you are into the FPS battle royale, then go ahead with PUBG but I don't see much future for it because of the bots in the games.
Was fun while it lasted, seems to be plagued with hackers and people not really playing it well now.
That's right. On both mobile phones and PC the game is full of hackers. I heard recently they banned India and a few other countries as well so this should reduce the number of hackers
PubG Mobile maybe because there are not hackers there yet..
for me Pubg, Fifa are my best games, in the past, I liked Free fire but when I have tried Pubg, I stopped directly free fire. a really professional games

the worst thing that maybe you face it is to be addicted and ignore your studies and your works..
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