PS5 games won't support PlayStation VR, says Sony


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PS5 won't support PlayStation VR, instead you'll to be playing PS4 versions using backwards compatibility, Sony has recently confirmed.

Sony has also confirmed that the publisher has “not announced PS5 titles for PS VR.” This means users will need to ensure they purchase the PS4 versions of upcoming titles like Hitman 3 or existing titles like No Man’s Sky or Star Wars Squadrons if they wish to continue playing in VR on the PS5.

A free PSVR adaptor is required to connect the PlayStation VR to your PS5.

PS5 heads to retail stores on 12 November.


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I think they do something different in the future but VR didnt really kick off quite well like they had hoped... Yeah VR is fun but the support and games are not competing well enough compare to regular gaming. It would be a waste of time to try and get VR into PS5 the sales are just not there.