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PS5 Compatibility with PS4 Games?

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Apr 19, 2020
Does anyone have any idea about the upcoming PS5 console compatibility with PS4 games? Since every technological improvement or advancement brings a new experience to consumers as everything comes new we tend to incline toward them, but what about the previous generation tech? I myself have spent lot on PS4 games all those are not cheap to buy, I think every-one must be aware of it, now the specification of PS5 console definitely beating a sound loud enough to bring all gamers' attention on, who doesn't like to play? of course, most of us would love to, I am worried about thinking whether new PS5 does support previous Ps4 games or not? does any have any idea? if yes then help me out.
As I know, PS5 will have PS4 games support.
Otherwise, every game developer would create a new version of each game they own to be runnable on the latest machine.
I am not sure about that, but rumors talk like that.
I have heard new game developments were already working on PS5... I mean they did it with ps4 now allowing ps3 support but we shall see!
Well as for me I don't really know much about PS5 this is because it does not get to my country yet, I only play PS4 and I have more experience in PS4.
Although the vast majority of PS4 games would function flawlessly on the PS5, Sony has issued the following alert on the PlayStation Store: "When playing on PS5, this game may exhibit errors or unexpected behaviour, and some features available on PS4 may be absent."
PS5 can be compatible with PS4 because they have slight difference most times you don't really see the difference between both PlayStations because the maker of both PlayStations just made slight changes on the graphics.
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