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Property Has anyone invested into land or property's?


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Jul 29, 2018
Has anyone invested into land or property's

If you was to buy land and good size of land at and good price, You then might able to earn interests and also in the future able to sell your land and earn an good amount to the right buyer.

You can also do it to property's. But them then fix them up then sell or rent
As you pay off that amount you also have the loan fee, No idea what the cost be since each bank might have different charges but can say it won't be cheap. like $5,000 can cost an extra $300. So many people lost there homes/cars. So full time job is needed I mean very.
I did a short term ownership. I bought a house that was move on ready but that could be improved. Finished the basement and improved it. 3 years later I sold it for a good profit.
I have not yet invested into land or properties, but I am planning to invest soon. I have a friend who has invested in land and he makes much money out of it. He buys lands and do sell them later on when the value has appreciated. He really makes good money, almost thrice the amount of money he bought the land initially.
I haven't invested into real estate yet. I have a part time job in retail which I use to pay bills and expenses aswell as put what I can aside each month for a deposit on a house when the times comes. Investing into land is probably the best, safe and reliable investment that there is.
I haven't done it personally but my brother has and it's amazing. He has two houses. He lives in one of the houses and rent the other one out. The one that he rents outs pays for the mortgage of both. Everything him and his family makes is profit so they go on vacations often. He's living his best life for sure.
Each one of my homes could be considered an investment. Our first home we bought for $82,000 (mortgaged of course) and then sold it 6 years later for $112,000 so that was a good profit. Of course, living in a house you have expenses such as a new roof, hvac, etc that eats away at your profit.
My nephew is getting into that game and doing well. In fact, he makes more than from his Physicians Assistant job!
Nowadays spending money on property is giving a lot of profits, but here political leaders who play big role by scamming GOVT land. I would agree with you as property gives much money in these days if you have property in city.
Some downsides to real estate are similar to everything else. I mean, you need to be good at it! You have to clean and do repairs well - and also, know selling and the market. I'd probably say, as with domaining, you need a list (to sell to) - unless you have something spectacular.
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I haven’t yet but I’m seeking to do it.

my YouTube channel focuses on local hiking. I hike on public lands. I cannot monetize my videos without commercial use permits but they cost more than I’ll make in profit.

if I were to buy a chunk of land, don’t need much acres just need it wooded, then all my review videos can be filmed there and I can monetize them.

it might be worth the investment. I just have to get the right land for the right price. :)
I want to invest in Real Estate. In England, properties have historically risen over the years & decades, with an average increase of 2.5%-5% every year. The big obstacle is initially getting onto the property ladder, saving a deposit & then applying for a mortgage from your bank. Without a doubt, buying is cheaper than renting as long as you keep up with the repayments.
I just bought my first house, already selling it (No profits) and I'll be moving to another state where the properties are cheap and will be flipping houses there.

You should look into getting a real estate license so that you can easily get in on new listings for your next properties as well as sell your own that you flip. It keeps you looking professional, you can get listings and learn from other realtors, and you save on commission costs.
This can be a great combination with airbnb you can easily get double the amount of investment if you are in a city with lots of turists, airbnb is a really great business in combination with real estate or even land where you can put some tents and lend it.
Investing in properties requires a large amount of money and also it takes a long time to recover your money. It is one of the best investments but it comes with the costs i mentioned above

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