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Website Directory Guidelines

Welcome to the Website Promotion Directory! This is where you can promote your website, forum or blog on Forum Promotion.

Terms & Conditions:

Unsuitable Content -
You will not be allowed to advertise the platform, if it has any objectionable content. This includes pirated or nulled software, malware, torrents, blackhat SEO, pornography, "shock" images/videos, or other material that promotes hatred based on race, sexuality, or belief group are examples of inappropriate content.
Only one active topic per website, is permitted - Users are only allowed to have one (1) active thread per website. Please update your existing thread rather than starting a new one if you want to make adjustments. Please keep in mind that you can have several topics, if they are in the directory, older than 3 pages of topics listed.
Bumping - You have the option of bumping the subject once every twenty-four (24) hours. A "bump" is where you or another representative of your site's staff replies to the topic to purposely bring it to the top of page one. It's fine to respond to other users' comments, even though it's been less than 24 hours. You cannot around the bump cap by asking others respond to your topic. Rather than just publishing "Bump," we recommend that you include some relevant details about your website when bumping your subject. By providing knowledge, users would be more inclined to participate.
Stickies - Pinning your thread at the top of the promotion list with labels is a brilliant way to earn even more visibility. If you'd like to buy a sticky, please visit the Forum Extras Shop for more information!

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, feel free to message an Administrator or Moderator.
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