Profitable Side Hustles To Make Extra Money


As everyone else I guess you want to earn some extra money without quiting your main job, maybe even doing something you love, something you enjoy spending time to do, what additional source of income can you bring to your life so you can have several incomes. It might be time to diversify, not only you already did with this forum, but again on another way so you become more financially independent, you need several sustainable sources to ease your life and live smart.

Let s find together what is worth trying to increase your monthly income, side job as part time job is great for some extra cash. Let me first let you know about the opportunity we have here on bizdustry, that maybe you don t know about.

1) Doing original Guides/Reviews for extra biznotes, below you can see that @Alexander gave us a great chance to bring quality content and earn in the same time, which is the best thing to grow your content as a community, read below for more information.

Rules & Guidelines:
1. Users must not copy & paste from other sources, or rephrase an article using a paraphrasing tool.
2. You must publish your “article” as you normally would post a topic. If approved, the message will be featured on our blog spotlight.
3. Include personal experiences, pictures & payment proofs.
4. To be featured in the spotlight, you must have a minimum of B rating.
5. Limited to two reviews per day.
How will my Article be judged?
1. Word Count, the more words your post has, the higher rating.
2. How engaging the article is to the reader
3. How unique the content is
4. How good the formatting is.
5. Limited to two reviews per day.
How much will I get paid? = 70 Biznotes and…
A* – 5,000 Point Bonus
A- 1,000 Point Bonus
B – 500 point bonus
C – 250 Point Bonus
D – 100 Point Bonus
U (everyone else) – 0 Points
To clarify this new incentive, users must send private messages to me if they want to submit content for review.

2) Start writing your own blog, it is the best way to focus on the niche that excites you, grow your own community but do not focus on ho to attract users to your blog, just consider building daily blog posts, do it consistently and in time you will gain visibility and the results will flourish and you will actually start reaping the harvest full of rewards.

Having your own blog as a business it s very easy in this period of time, you just need a device and an internet connection, you can only have a mobile phone and it is enough. Most important point is to find what would you like writing about and do not worry about anything, face everything and step by step move forward to your objective. And in no time you will have an extra income which will bring extra cash, and the power to choose to focus on what you really want to do with your life.


3) Selling your skills, your craft, today you will find many opportunities to share what you love to do and sell it, people do it on platform for freelancers, on social media like youtube, on streaming platforms like twitch, or even on subscription platforms like Patreon, where you can produce with whatever your skills are and make money out of it, with your own creativity and abilities you can create your own brand simply by doing small steps in that direction, and people will be interested in what you have to offer when you start giving it.

This is one of the easiest way to do a new income, find what you want and ask the universe for it, focus on that everyday until you reach the main objective. For example I have noticed just recently that I love to write, I started to write daily 2-3 rows with time passing there were days when I was writing more than one page, and after three years I published two books of self-development, the third one is on editing and I have already started to write the forth one.


4) Writing E-books, as I mentioned above when you do little by little it ads up, I will share with you here the link to my shop where you can find one package with the first two volumes I have written. I cannot say it was something I have enjoyed doing until I started doing it everyday for a longer period of time. You need to repeat something so you can do it better and better, get more creative and produce something that will leave a mark on the others, the readers are the clients and the moment you only focus on growth, all are growing when they focus on your creations.

I want to challenge you to write everyday from now on 2-3 sentences on how you would like to be, but write as if you were already there. Let me give you an example, one of my dreams was to write two books a year, to make it powerful for yourself you should write like it already happened: I didn t like to write in the past but now I wrote two books this year and this made me feel more courageous regarding my potential, I know I can write more and share more of myself and the best version I want to be. You don t have to do something like a journal, you have to write how you want to be, what you want to achieve as you already did it.


4) Doing webinars, have you noticed you become really good in a specific niche, you have tools to share that will help others improve any part of themselves, then it means you can do a webinar, share free tools and make that webinar be a hook for other products you want to sell, like classes or courses. If you already build a blog or a website it will be easier to gather your audience, even through social media you can do it faster than ever, just by creating some events and give the vital information so that they will be instantly interested in what you have to offer. Know that they will go further with the course/classes that you will give after.

Give them a better offer for your class/course by lowering the price of it just because they were present at your webinar, this will make the want even more to experience the range of information you will target in that class/course, when you give the people opportunity to learn from your expertise, they will pay for what you have to share and you will grow as a leader in that niche and afterward the money will just flow to you, like they say in the law of attraction.


5) Build online identities for others, if you are good in this domain try to grow a portfolio as soon as possible, this will help you improve your ability to find the right way for your on brand by helping others you are learning to go deeper, to delve into your inner creative child which will constantly grow with you, while you are working. Learn how to grow any social media platform, learn how to target the exact audience with your skills and ongoing new abilities that are improving even right now when you work.

The best way for thyself to improve is to help others grow, that is the fastest way to success and the best way to improve and learn any ability you choose. It will increase your appreciation when you help someone build their online identity, through any social media platform you will create visibility and engagement, that is how you will earn more on the long run, and remember always think on long terms because you will see great results after time is passing and you are getting wiser and smarter.


6) Counseling or private tutoring in your field of expertise, the moment you understand your greatness and trust that your growth is ready to be planted in others it is time to offer one-on-one coaching/tutoring for anyone who is interested and will pay, your lessons need to be structured better, this will allow you to move even better through your projects and create your own schedule. What could be better than working on your own schedule, this is something that everyone should focus on ataining.

Another great benefit when you do counseling or private lessons is that you get to set your pay rate, and it is time for you to not sell yourself short, but know your worth, you are enough and can earn better than you have done until now. People will buy something that is more expensive and has quality than something that is cheap even though it is the same quality, they need to know that the investment was worth it, so it is better that the energy exchange should be as big as the quality.


7) Monetizing your passion, the moment that you love your hobbies they become your passion, when you love what you do you can do bigger things while having fun, make it possible to turn it into a new income. Just look on how many streamers on twitch, how many youtubers, or artists on patreon managed to gro into a money-making business their passion. It only depends on you what you choose to do, it is your plan with yourself, nobody will come to do it for you, you have to do it, and what better time than now.

The main goal is to create an aditional income while doing what you love, while you enjoy it you transmit an wonderful energy to the viewers/readers and that is exactly what you have to do to, get better at that and monetize it in several ways. You can even sell your own products to your audience, since they love that you love what you do you can share merch with them and interact, they can find themselves in the crowd through your merch or even create awareness on a specific solution that you have to give.

The moment you choose to invest your attention in something, it is the moment you start the wheels to roll into the direction you choose, when you believe you can, you open the door and do it, when you believe you can t you keep the door closed, either way you choose you are right. Remember that trust is not something you have but something you create for yourself anytime you wish to. That feeling of trust you yearn for is just a felling of power within you, a feeling of safety that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to, anything, and you can create this feeling within you even right now, it is a matter of choice.
This is really a good way to make money online. I have actually tried Blogging in the past. However, I failed in the niche I choosed just because I was unable to get the blog into seacrh engine like Google bing and yahoo. But I will try to start all over again
One of the easiest ways to make money online is by working on freelancer sites. There are a lot of freelancers site where you can work and make money. For example, you can try Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, SEO Clerks etc. These days I m not active on any freelancer platform but a couple of years ago, upwork and SEO clerks were my main source of online income.
You have clearly stated ways to make passive income without mincing words . Most of the point in no doubt are ways to make cool cash online but they require patience and perseverance as they are not ways that generate money quickly.
My main source of income is freelancing on upwork. My second source of income is revenue on my site. I also post on forums and this is my side hustle. I make good money from forum posting.
I have really been interested in blogging for a long time now. Right now I am concentrating my time on trying to learn good writing skills so that if I am done I can start my own blog and make money through online.
One of such profitable side hustles tonfetch you some extra money in your pocket will be selling your skills if you have one already. That could really do you a lot of good
I am looking for a platform where I can post movie reviews and make money. I like watching movies and TV shows and I would like to try my hands on writing reviews
I got alot of skills and am looking for a way to show off , but I think everything needs money so I just wanna raise funds
This is really a good way to make money online. I have actually tried Blogging in the past. However, I failed in the niche I choosed just because I was unable to get the blog into seacrh engine like Google bing and yahoo. But I will try to start all over again

I think you should focus more on promoting your websites on social media platform. I believe that it is far much easier to promote website on social media websites like Twitter as compared to promoting on search engines.
Monitizing your skills and passions online is one very good way to keep up with the side hustle online this days. It makes it even more easier for you if you already possess a skill that is very sellable and on high demand online
The internet and the ascendance of social media created new jobs and earning opportunities for people who are well-versed with these platforms. Jobs for social media managers were born as many businesses turned to these platforms to make their presence felt. Vlogging has also become a viable job even for ordinary people. Some people I know do freelance writing on weekends to save up for something as big as a wedding.
There are many ways one can make use of the resources he has to get extra income for himself.It all depends on the skill the individual has,it could be technical skill,where he ca be providing services,or digitalskills where he can freelance for clients online.
The internet is taking the over the world by storm, so if you want any business you will like to start make sure it's is online related. Online businesses are among payers today.
Actually I also purchased some online courses and I've not really found time to dig into it but I know they are promising courses because it comprises of how to run ads how to market and e commerce. I can't wait
The issue is that anything that has to do it online jobs and has a track record of legit payments will always be legit so it can prove as a legit way or one of the best side hustles. One of these sites are bizdustry, it has been promising
One of the things that has reall worked for me is on the issue of deploying my skills in writing nd editing,These things comes in very easy for me,nd i don't see it as stress while i am engaged in them.
There is alot of ways you can make money online you can make money through crypto trading online, if actually you have good skills it's will continue givi you a good money.
These are wonderful ways to make money online. If they're developed, they can turn into the main work if an individual. Having a side hustle offers immense benefits. It allows you earn more income and become your source of support should your main work experience issues. Having a side hustle also gives one an opportunity to learn about other skills not related to your main profession. It's also worthy to note that there are available side hustles offline that can give one additional income. Having another business and skill ensures you don't put all eggs in one basket.
may be, Your side hustle can assist you make cash online and gain a few additional cash each month. But it can too assist you create unused aptitudes, construct your individual brand or portfolio, and accomplish more flexibility. So, have fun with it! Take a chance by beginning a trade or seek after a modern side interest you’ve continuously been inquisitive around.