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Do you feel this is a good deal? Where can we find places to do this? How much work is worth your average hosting? How much is worth a VPS or dedicated server?

O.K., who has tried this? Who has considered a business like this? Would it be profitable?


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I do think it's a great idea to opt for this.
It's just that most of the people, give up after a while and that is not reliable enough. I am sure there are some good websites which offer hosting, but they usually demand a high post count.

If you have time to post, then it's a good idea to look for some reliable hosting, which offer these deals. Otherwise, it's better to go for a shared hosting instead. Choose a good hosting provider and you are good to go.


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Here are my two cents: If you are just starting out, choose shared hosting; if your website is a small website, also choose shared hosting; however, if you are just starting out but yours is an ecommerce website, choose VPS or Dedicated Server.
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