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Is a mobile advertising platform that allows consumers to capitalize on their personal data and attention. The blockchain Permission-based platform will allow individuals to receive ASK tokens to view creatives, initially in the entertainment industry: video ads, TV ads, game ads, and music ads.
Upon registration offers 250 ASK.
In addition to these chips, you can earn daily ASK by watching more clips from the entertainment industry, movie trailers, product presentations and more.
Every day new clips appear, there are also clips with 150 ASK gain, with intervals from 0.30 seconds to several minutes.
It seems to me a great idea to promote the product on one side and the other on rewarding those who watch the ad.

This is a good way to make money or but I still think you should have written a comprehensive review in how to make money with this particular PLATFORM or website. A screenshot of payment proof will go a long way in convincing new people to join the platform as their are lots of time wasting platform online now.
How are we to know if it is legit or a scam from such a vague review! Please elaborate and show some proof. This platform is supposed to help us make money. This review is of little help in such a case.
This sounds like a good platform to make money while watching some adverts online, but much information is needed about this site, anyway I am likely going to check it out pretty soon because I love the fact that I won't stress myself much, I would only be watching adverts.
Thanks for the info, you forgot to mention the minimum number of ASKs for withdrawal, and how much ASKs is equivalent to a usd and i hope this is available for everyone to participate, i would also love to know the mode of payment whether btc, eth or paypal, i may have to go through myself as well, thanks!
I have not used this app but I have used a lot of similar apps in the past and I did not benefit much. These apps will spam your phone with ads but you you will get so little returns.