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PC VS Console Gaming OR Both ?

PC VS Console Gaming

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Apr 19, 2020
There are some questions that never die, and this is one of them since the community of gamers pulling their own perspective some may have an objection on others, it is needless to say, that there are some games that can be played well on PC as compared to Console such as shooting games, at least from my point of view, but some are really good on a console than why some people think that PC is not for all sort of games, therefore, we have increasing demand of consoles in the market, is this ever true? what do you think about these two machines? Are they both good and have their own meaning in our life ? which is best for pure gaming experience according to you and why?
They are different for one reason only.
With a console, you can only play and watch films, while with a PC you can do a lot of other activities.
Consoles are pretty way cheaper than a good gaming PC, so if you just want to play games, consoles are the best choice.
I've never been much of a PC gamer.. I find joypads a whole lot more intuitive, I prefer the comfort of gaming from my sofa rather than a computer chair, and back in the day there were just so many compatibility issues no matter how good your PC was. The latter probably isn't so much of an issue anymore with platforms such as Steam, although trying to get some older games to run on a modern OS can still prove to be a pain sometimes!
I haven't tried PC gaming that much. However, I tend to use PCs for webmaster stuff - and so that's the habit. Anyway, I just don't want my computer jammed up with games, but maybe a 2nd computer would be good for that.

Now, as for what's better as far as playing, I'd say it depends on how optimized the PC is for gaming vs your typical console. Anyway, though, my favorite games are on Nintendo (Super Mario, Donkey Kong) and they don't have a PC option.
Always been a PC person here. I voted for PC since I only run computers anyway. Back in the day, I used to own PS2 console, the old great classic hardware. I always loved it. Still, today I wish I still had it and able to play old games.

Yet when it comes down to gaming, a cheap option rather than having a $1500 gaming system is to pick up a console worth $500 that does the same. Nowadays a gaming rig isn't cheap like it used to be.
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I'm sure, of course, that PC gaming is awesome. I just haven't go around to do it. As I said, I mostly stick to consoles.

Anyway, I did play PC gaming back in the day. Well, it was the early 90s on an Apple. I had this World War II Pacific Theater bombing game and it was so much fun!
honestly pc is always better, more games, more diversity you can deadass do almost anything on pc, plus i think playing on pc has more aim and less little kids screaming
I preffer PC for playing games , i use steam platform.

But i want to try new playstation , 5 . :D maybe fifa or another game.
Both. Why? Because PC gaming has more accuracy in my opinion , but when it comes to play multiplayer games with your friends , you'll enjoy playing on console more on a bigger screen , of course.
I think PC is the better option because you are more used to it but console is also fun sometimes when playing games like Fifa
PC all the way using your mouse is better than any controller, played on Xbox but the accuracy isn t the same and I am talking about fifa xD
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