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Outside of business, how do you view social media?


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Nov 1, 2020
I have a love-hate relationship with it myself. On one hand, you can use it as a tool to gain traffic, business, market sales, and grow a brand but using it for personal use... It is just so toxic. I can't stomach to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other ones longer than enough time to get a business post done. I got rid of all my personal accounts. People are just absolutely nasty to each other on those platforms.
Honestly, I had not used them for a while, it is important that you know that I am from Venezuela, since many well-known people have left the country, I have had to use them which has helped me a lot to have contact with friends. and family, apart from the above, I use it only to share information that helps me make profit,
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A waste of time, I actually deleted my 13year old facebook account with all the information to begin a new one specific for my business profile.
A waste of time, I actually deleted my 13year old facebook account with all the information to begin a new one specific for my business profile.
Hard to believe it has been around that long. The last time I used my personal Facebook account was in 2010. I deleted it in 2012. I got rid of my personal Twitter account last year and deleted my Instagram as well. Hardly used that one anyway. Considered making a business account on there but eh, they don't do so well anyways.
It's nice to see that there are actually quite a lot of people that stopped using social media. But the reality is there are still dozens of people thst just waste hours of their time scrolling on social media. I don't know how they can spend so much time there, just don't see the point of wasting your time like that
Yes people are nasty on social media, outside business and educational purposes there are other things that can be done online such as communication with your friends and loved one which is really essential. Other than that I am out of social media.
Well generally speaking social media is specifically meant for communication, it was not originally designed for business and advertisement but to prompt good communication amongst friends and family members. So the business aspect is an added advantage.
I used to be a social media freak or will I say, addict. social media has been used by many people to promote their businesses and make a lot of money online. Aside that it is a medium for communication.
Honestly I was once obsessed with social media at a certain time but as times moves on and I grew older I stopped and had a very low interest in it I rarely chat or message people there.
Social media platforms were created for people to Make Friends and interact with anyone in any part of the world easily. People also share their pictures and other things.
I used the social media space mainly for my business and promoting my services.but when am not doing any of these,i take some time out to communicate with friends and keep in touch and interact with them on social space.