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How much you can earn ? What is the limit of cashout ? How much time spend to reach the limit ?
I know some of the reddits where the people are sharing their work and also paying each other using the bitcoin and other crypto currency. I think if you know how to manage such online transactions and also know how to handle the escrow system. Then I assume you can make use of the reddit or subreddit like those for earning.
Oh, Captcha is to much time consuming, I remember doing several hundreds captchas a day for almost nothing :)) if they have a good deal share more.
Solving capatchas is a nice way to earn free money but it need a time and the profits are too
low however you didn't provide enouph infos about this platform
Most captcha sites are slow earners but if you are fast enough and don't get bored quickly, you can try it.
This is a good way to make money online. One of my friends have also introduced a repatcha online gig to me which I doubted and told him am not interested in. However, if you want Introduce a gig or work to someone I think you should write a comprehensive guide on how this thing work with payment proof just to convince those that wants to join.
this online business you are introducing to us is legit but my only problem with them is that is time consuming a time you could have used to do something important you will just use it to solve capch and they will only pay you a small amount of money Compared to the time you waste
Hi guys am introducing a captcha typers work with good payouts to our direct bank transfer here am giving link below you make money like me

I won't mind to hear more about how it works and how much one is paid when such task is completed. Giving an idea of what it is all about will certainly help some of us that are willing to learn about such paid to work. I won't want to try, also, if it is a penny fund at the end of the day.
Solving captcha is a nice way to earn through simple tasks and all its very easy. But the pay out is always very low and the stuff it self is time consuming which put me off mist times
Is there anyway possible that captcha would increase its pay rates? Because it's pretty low, considering that solving captcha takes so much time. I'm not sure if there are still people who do this kind of thing. If there are, I'm assuming they're only few.
You do not share your own payment proof to make us believe that the site is paying a good money. Anyway, I do not believe that there is any captcha that can generate good and valuable coin for because I have waste my time and data on a many captcha without gain anything.
I have done some couple of captcha solving in the past and there was nothing that came out of it, it turned out to be a great waste of my time, resources and intellect. The fact that you didn't do a good review of the site makes it to not be a worthy venture.
You don't tell me more about the forum. The minimum I can withdraw, the requirements and the likes. Captcha has always been a time consuming forum for you and this has made me jettisoned it.
I like online typing job, but I am not sure if this particular one u are introducing here is legit, because you did not tell us how much you have earn and withdrawn, and the means of withdrawal they use on the site...

Anyway I will search for the review on Google to and see if I can get positive review about them..
I Don't like Captain related jobs.
However, I won't discredit whatever the information you shared but you need to give us insight on the minimum payout method, payout currency, payment proof and the amount you've made so far.

Since you really using the portal already you can save us the stress of doing research online.
Bro! At least u could just tell us what the captcha is all about! We can't just click on stuffs like this cluelessly without knowing the procedures and process! Kindly review what u type up there and give us more info about the site.

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