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Aug 27, 2022
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Off Topix :

Reviewed by "Ja sa bong "

First Impressions:

From the very moment I load the forum's URL, it opened so fast like the speed of light. This is the first thing which makes me stay on a forum or leave it immediately. If a forum's loading speed is slow, I will be discouraged to visit it but this is not the case with Off Topix. Everything looked good from the looks but I had to check how the forum is on a mobile device to know if it's mobile friendly, my finding was a positive one. I liked how it's designed to be mobile friendly.


From my first look on the forum, it was in a dark theme which is something I fancy more. I'm a dark theme lover, it's a plus for me to see it as the default theme but also gave members the opportunity to switch to light theme if they want.

The navigation system of the forum is very good. It's easy to move around the forum. The icon design of each section tally with what the section subject is about. It's a good thought process. There was 24 sub-sections in total in the forum. It might seem too much but I know it was in effort to cover every line of discussion.

I noticed the forum's shutout box was further down in the forum section. I love it there because I don't like using shutout box, it's a distraction to me but there are those who like using, having it installed isn't a bad decision.

Seeing the forum have social media links icons is good because it's good to have a social media presence. I feel the icons shouldn't be at top of the forum but at the foot.

Member/Forum Activity:

The data from the forum statistics plugin shows the forum have 1,355 members and a total posts of 592,967 and 43,095 threads at this moment of this review. These are very good numbers which shows that a lot of activities and engagement is going on in the forum. I don't want it to look like I'm complaining about every thing but I feel a little more effort should be put into having more threads in the forum.

I mentioned previously not liking forum shutout box because they distract forum discussion. I would rather not have it on my forum because I want all the forum's discussions to be carried out in the forum proper. It's why there's off topic sections to cover for all kinds of discussions.

Grammar & Spelling

I couldn't find any big grammar & spelling blunder in the forum section's tabs except for the "Member Interviews" tab. I feel it should be "Member's Interview" because an interview is for one person and that's what the latter says unlike what the former tab says which is several interviews of a member.

Overall Rating

Off Topix is a wonderful community which is evident from the work that's been invested in the forum. There isn't much to do but just slight changes to a few things which isn't a priority. I would rate Off Topix 9/10 because it's an amazing community and I wish the owner and his staff team all the best.
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