New TV series?


What new or returning TV shows are you looking forward to the most?

ive really grown attached to the Mind Hunters tv show on Netflix.

jack Ryan is also another one I really like.


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I can't wait to see the new part of vikings ... in the end of previoust part ivar killed pjorn but i know he's not going to die and he will come back ... last part vikings vs russians ??


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I'm not a TV series type and I have not watch so many TV series but I will say one of the current new TV series that is out that I think people are viewing is the mandonance


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Yeah I'm a good fan of TV series, but right now I'm not updated with TV series. But the last movie series awards was teen Wolf this movie was very interesting


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I am a TV series because I like watching dramas on TV, and also movies and there are very interesting dramas TV watching is very good at least to know what happening in the world.