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Hi everyone, just joined and thought I'd say high. I started trying to make extra money for myself in 2014 when I realised that I needed more firstly and that I also was unhappy with the idea of working until I retired. After doing things like surveys and other low paying ventures I came across matched betting in another popular money making forum in the UK. It seemed a bit far fetched but when I looked into it I could see it was based on a sound approach using bookie bonuses and laying those off against betting exchanges to lock in around 80% of the bonus as cash which I withdraw. It changed over the years but I was able to extract tens of thousands doing this over the following years. Not enough to leave work but enough to afford a better lifestyle and get some money invested at least. It also got me hooked on understanding financial literacy. No good making money if you just spend it all.

How to learn more from you all and give some pointers if I can!