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Netflix question!

Thank you for your topic!
In my opinion I watched a lot of series on Netflix., but I will share the most 3 I like!
1- YOU
2- Money Heist
3- prison break

I hope I was useful ?
LOL, maybe I will give it a chance and start watching it when I have some spare time
I have watched many movies and series on netflix and the best one i've seen is la casa del papel ... it was a serie that full of drama and hilarious scenes ... and i think it's the best serie made by netflix ever
the best series that have watch on Netflix is actually money heist then closely followed by the mandalorian. These are my best series that I have watched on Netflix.
The best movie on Netflix movie that I have ever watched is doctor strange this is one of my favourite movie of all time because I love magic movies a lot.
The best movie I have ever the watch on Netflix is living in bondage this movie is a Nollywood movie and it is produced in Nigeria. and it is an occultist movie
Hey people

I want to ask what is the best movie/series on Netflix yiu ever watched?!

Thank you
Ive watched the serie: Kobra kai their good but but my new best serie is Top Boy.