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Jan 4, 2023
Hi there!

My name is Jordan Howard. I'm what some might call a "web entrepreneur". I have been creating websites for over 19 years. I have a wealth of knowledge in the field and a passion for creating engaging and interactive online communities. I am always striving to learn more, in this ever changing field that continues to grow.

My first website was developed when I was 7 or 8 years old. Of course, back then it was a very ugly and simple website. But it was mine nonetheless.

I'm also a video game enthusiast and enjoy playing in my free time. I've created and owned several communities around video games over the years. Some successful, some not so successful, and some that were just hobbies. However, with my busy schedule, I don't get to play games as often as I would like to.

Some of the users here may know me as the owner of indexforum.com (RIF), where I am dedicated to creating a platform where users can connect and share their experiences while learning about new and innovative ways to earn money online.

I look forward to connecting with everyone and contributing to the growth and success of Bizdustry.
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