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Apr 17, 2020
Claim FREE Bits every 30 minutes
Shortlink clicks = up to 255 satoshi daily (125 bits) . This number can go way up depending on how many links we have.
PTC = 60 satoshi (40 bits) daily - this value will grow depending on the paid advertisment.
Refferals = up to 25% from you refferals earnings for life!
link : https://moremoney.io/
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It is a legit platform, I used the bits I made with them for adverising on their platform, it does pay even though it transfered it to advertise!
Moremoney is legit i have about 3000 sat on it but i stopped using it because it will take two months
to reach the min withdraw of 20k sat but it's legit and most of users getting paid from it
Moremoney is one of the great sites to earn free satoshis, also I love the contests that they are making weekly (contest of short links and referrals are really interesting).

the only problem is the huge amount of payout, if you have referrals then you won't suffer but if not you will keep working for months to reach it
Moremoney is a legit faucet, and i have seen that many people have cashed out from it when i did research for joining the platform, however when i joined the platform there was no registering bonus, and therefore i have been on the faucet for a while and still have not reached the minimum withdrawal for faucetpay, which is a shame. I like their earning rates and the levels, but the distance between claim levels is quite large and takes a long time to level up.
Moremoney is a very good faucet site with so many earning opportunities apart from the faucet. But the only main problem is their minimum withdrawal which is very high to reach when you are not having active referrals.
I have heard about this Moremoney faucet for some time now. Why I didn't join then, it looks new on the eyes. I don't like joining new site with no recommendations from people I know here online. Please how legit is this Moremoney faucet??
Most of these new coming earning site are not reliable but of more money my only issue with them is thier minimum withdrawal that you need to work so hard before you can attend to the level that you will be able to withdraw,although they are legit and they have been paying and have withdrawals from their site also but yet am still not interested because you really need to work hard to meet the minimum withdrawal

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What do you call legit? Something that pays or something that doesn't pay? Some one is using a site that has not paid him,he is saying is legit! You can only call a site legit when you confirm their payment at least twice or more, not when they are promising you payment.