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Mission: Impossible Fallout

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Hey guys, has anyone seen the new Mission Impossible, or is anyone planning to see it? I went to see with my girlfriend the weekend before last, and it was a fantastic film. I haven't even seen the other Mission Impossible movies, but now I'm definitely going to go back and watch them. Tom Cruise is definitely good at what he does.
It was a nice movie, some cool action moments, but the plot is not to original.
I have watched the mission impossible in fact there is no mission impossible movie that I have not watched because I love the movie and Tom Cruise brings a lot of life into the movie.
As for me I have not seen the new mission impossible and also I plan on seeing it, if anyone could show me. Well I'll try and make a research on it today, I can't wait to watch it
Christopher McQuarrie wrote, made, and directed Mission: Impossible – Fallout, a 2018 American action spy film. It is the sixth instalment in the Mission: Impossible film series, and it is McQuarrie's second after the 2015 film Rogue Country, making him the franchise's first director to direct more than one film.
Wow I'm glad to hear that there's a new latest mission impossible. Mission impossible is an incredible action movie and also an interesting movie