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Minereum is the first cryptocurrency in the world to be mined alone, you do not need pools or mining equipment. That's the difference between a normal address and a genesis address. The normal address can be manually loaded, the genesis address mines its currency alone, in this case Minereum (MNE).
Each genesis address of lvl 1, has an amount of 32,000 MNE.
Current value:
1 MNE = $ 0.0132
32,000 MNE = $ 422
The maximum reached: 1 MNE = $ 14
The currency is listed on https://www.livecoin.net/en/trading/MNE_BTC
More details: https://www.minereum.com/#howitworks
On the site a genesis address is sold with 0.44 ETH: https://www.minereum.com/v2/tradelevel1
In this amount it automatically upgrades to lvl 3 and starts mining.
Lvl 1 has the genesis address with the sum of 32,000 MNE, lvl 2 starts mining + other benefits, lvl 3 + other benefits.
The genesis lvl 1 addresses can be upgraded and separately, you do not need to pay 0.44 ETH, this is the standard price.
The mining power is somewhere at 1.80 MNE / day
So let me get this straight, this my Mineruem is a cryptocurrency on its own that can be mined on it's own without any mining equipment or electricity. This is quite a good prospect but for the fact that this cryptocurrency is not yet on cryptocurrency exchange platform makes it not to be a good prospect for me and so I will pass on this one.
If you can mine 1.80 MNE per day, it must be profitable crypto currency. However, the question is how much is the value of minereum? Do you think it is profitable if the value is less than 5 cents?

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