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A lot of people who are new to the forex, they don't know which dashboard to use. And which service to use to get started into the forex. They tend to work with the broker who are pretty much costly. And often those brokers don't help people learn anything. And in such case you can see that MTForex is one such broker who is more easy and also less percentage taken on trade.

I had some experience with this broker in past.

Have you heard of Metatrader forex broker?


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Yeah I have heard of metamask before, great platform, and it's good for trading, read recently that more and more people on signing on it, so that's a good sign


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I also use meta trade to trade forex,and i have not encounter any issue of broker in forex, actually i used hotforex and hotforex has not given me any kind of issue on my account, so i think meta trader is much more okay than you think.


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Concerning metatrader for forex. I believe the metatrader forex broker is one of the best or the best, though I have not used it before but I do hear about it and it recommendations. Have not started trading forex but I use IQ option application on my phone to practise forex using their demo account


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Metatrader is one of the best platform to use to trade. It has some rich features that comes with it. It is especially good for those that that are trading Forex for the very first time. One very good aspect of it is it automatic trading feature.
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