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Bizdustry's Marketplace Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Marketplace Section of Bizdustry. In this section of the forum, you have the ability to buy or sell various things to the members of this forum. You can use the forum's currency called BizCoin, Crypto Currencies, or Fiat (physical) currencies, like the U.S. Dollar to buy or sell various different items or services.

In this topic, you will find our basic rules for this section specifically. We have other threads filled with information in this board, to help clarify other items pertaining to this area of the forum.

Marketplace Section Rules and General Guidelines

All types of buying and selling topics can be made here, but please bear in mind that not everything is acceptable to be posted in the marketplace.

General Rules
  • Create a topic in the appropriate section if you are willing to buy or sell various items, if you cannot find something acceptable to what you are looking for.
  • Do not reply to a topic, looking to buy or sell stuff, that doesn't relate to the topic at hand. Create a topic of your own.
  • If you are looking to sell a real world object (something that you have physically), please consider limiting the sale to a specific geographic area, if the item is worth a lot of money.
  • Do not scam - Anyone who has been found to have potentially scammed a fellow user out of Real Cash or Biznotes, risks being banned from the forum.
  • Creating topics is disabled for regular users, except for those who have bought the Marketplace Upgrade, or Premium VIP Upgrade,
  • Do not reply to a Marketplace Topic at hand, if you do not seek to purchase or sell, according to the topic at hand. If you reply with something that does not contribute to the marketplace topic, your ability to reply to the section will be put into required moderator approval.
  • If you find someone that has replied off topic to a Marketplace Topic, feel free to report them, and the user will be investigated.

Disallowed Content:
  • Adult Content/Media of any type; Anything that is considered Illegal across most countries; Drugs and Pharmaceuticals; Casinos, Websites or Platforms which allow Gambling; Buying or Selling of Real Estate; Buying, Selling or posting threads to participate in Multi-Level Marketing Schemes;

Suggested Topics

If you cannot think of an item to sell, consider the following topics (but not solely limited to) as an example of what you can sell here in the Bizdustry Marketplace.
  • Buying or Selling Advertising (Website or Real World)
  • Posting Services (Posting on forums or comments on blogs)
  • Article or Essay Services (Blog Articles, or other writing offers)
  • Buying, Selling or Exchange Services for BizNotes - Including transferring to other forums in their forum credits
  • Buying or Selling Jewelry
  • Buying or Selling Domains or Websites
  • Electronics Services
  • General Merchandise
  • And many other options!
If you are selling large quantities of physical items, or things like a car, consider restricting to the region you live in, so delivery of the goods are not as expensive.

If you have a question on what is allowed, feel free to make a support ticket, in our Support Ticket Area (clickable).

Buyer and Seller Beware! Payment Options and Protections

Bizdustry provides a platform for our members to advertise. However, we are not responsible for the ads posted. Please do your own checks and take your own precautions before selling or purchasing anything promoted on Bizdustry. Make sure all transactions are done by a service with protection, so you can be protected from potential scams or fraud.

Paypal is a free services that has protection for both buyers and sellers.

Escrow.com is a great service with protection for both buyer and sellers. They have fees but it is highly recommended for any sells that are considered valuable. They have services for buyers, sellers, brokers and platform providers.

With Crypto Exchanges, make sure you are sending to a wallet that is meant for the currency type. If you want to use a payment processor for selling things, consider using a Commerce Platform, like Coinbase Commerce, or CoinQVest, which allows for shop creations, or individual item buttons and links.

Coinbase Commerce can be linked to any wallet you want to withdraw to, or it can be linked to a standard coinbase account for buying or selling products, goods or services online. You can make individual shop links. or buttons for payments. It also can be used with custom built payment softwares, or through Coinbase API's that are available.

CoinQVest have similar abilities to Coinbase, and has expanded features for creating shops. It also has options to take real world currencies, if the buyer does not have crypto.
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