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Well, I have one forum that I manage and I also have a personal blog. The forum, I am on it every day. Even if I'm not posting something on the forum, then I'm usually doing some behind the scenes work. The blog, I usually write at least 2-3 articles on it each week (that's my minimum). Even if I am not writing something for the blog, I check it every day to check the stats and see if anyone has commented on any of the articles.


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At the moment, I do not manage any websites. I have a few domains that I would like to make use of in the near future and I have a few good plans aswell, but haven't got around to starting a project yet. I've been very close to starting a few projects, but had second thoughts on whether it would work or not. Running a successful website requires planning.


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I own one forum and I run a 2nd one and am a Community Team Leader on a 3rd. They can take a lot of my time depending on how members are behaving each day and whether or not there is a lot of drama going on.


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I manage just one website as a blogger and I spend up to 5 hours on it per day. I write 1 article each day with up to 1500 words, after making research to write the content, I will optimize the content with keywords before posting on the back end of my website. After that I will still do some SEO and later on promote on different social media platform.
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