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Apr 22, 2020
Free Scratch Card Games
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I have tried this luckyfish.io and I can say that it looks like a good website that will pay but when I visited the website I got so discouraged because the earnings rate on that website is quite low and I always get discouraged from such a such a website although it can be paying because I just think that the reward is not worth my time and efforts given into it.
I do not remember playing gambling games on lucky fish, but I have tried a lot of casinos in the past and lost a lot of money (in the form of bitcoin). I think I lost $100 worth of bitcoin in 2017 when the price was just $900.
I do not know the legitimacy of this site and I am not questioning it but I have promised myself not to go near online money making games anymore. I have stumble on fake money making games for 3 times in a row and I will not go there again