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Looking for Legit Homebased jobs

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Apr 27, 2020
I've looking for long while now. I tried many of the sites recommended by google. But nothing seems to work well for me until today. It's either not available in our country, a problematic website, or just totally a scam. I am not being demanding. I just want even just one that actually works. Where in you can see results easily. Can anyone recommend something to me? Thank you. It will be much appreciated. Have a great day and stay safe everyone.
What are you looking for? Do you want to be a freelancer (programming, writing, marketing, etc.) or do you want something more easy and repetitive such as completing surveys?
There are few legit homebased jobs out there.

It all comes down to your skills as well. There are a few websites which offer a lot for article writers. Also, you can earn a few bucks by making use of website clicking job, as well. You will have to visit a website and browse it for a few minutes. Also, some websites offer money for survey completion too.
It depends entirely on what you want because there are different types of opportunities online. Do you have a skill that is sellable online? If you do, then join freelance sites even if you do not, there are sites like forum posting sites, microjob sites, PTC sites, etc that you can explore. Just make sure you make your research to read their reviews on unbiased platforms before going ahead to work on the sites.
Have you tried learning programming? It takes a pretty long time, at least 6-12 months but when you have the right knowledge you can even work from home as a freelancer for the rest of your life
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