LBRY is a content publishing platform that is decentralized and owned by its users.
Compete with youtube, the benefit is that LBRY is not censored, so you can publish anything without restrictions.
In addition, content creators can earn LBRY very simply, both from views and from donations.

Update: Platform interface changed, you have new options to win LBRY.
The verification can now be done by SMS! So no need for a card anymore.
Free LBRY 100 is offered upon registration + small tasks completion without too much effort (3-5 min) in total.

Besides, you can do LBC by uploading videos on the platform, the price is asked by you depending on what you are uploading.

A current LBC is $ 0.01, the maximum reached was $ 2.50 / LBC.
(High potential, professional team, future project)
In the long run it will once again reach its peak, squeeze as much LBC as you can.

You can use both the desktop and web application as desired.
I use the web, it's easier,
LBRY Credits (LBC) can be exchanged for Bitcoin on,

Register here
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To be honest I find the platform pretty much overwhelming. I mean things look like youtube clone. And not a lot of people are making use of the LBRY here to convert into anything. I wonder if people are even getting paid or not. I don't know how many creators wish to use their platform. It seems like difficult to get there for now.


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The problem with LBR coin is that it's price isn't stable it can move from 150 to 300 sat in a short time of course some
smart traders can get huge profit from that the best thing is that you can lock your videos and ask for LBR if you share
something interesting you will get a lot of money


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The site still needs more work for it to be able to compete with the likes of YouTube. It sure would be a healthy competition for YouTube.


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This is a wonderful project that I think that would become successful because they actually have a solid plan and a strategy to implement these plans unlike most cryptocurrencies currently that I have seen in the past.