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How to show the latest posts in Xenforo 2 version as I am using, but it is not showing and did a search in Google can't find anything.
I thought paid software is good, but they don't have everything and all of them are for paid only.
I mean in the homepage of sidebar just like this funbiz forums.
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I got the solution where we need to activate the widget in admin panel and position it in the sidebar. Now the forum is in good condition for indexing fast in google and Bing. In the past so many links were re indexed for broken urls and other things, but in the end I am fixing everything.
Hope this can help somebody who want to activate Latest posts or Latest profile posts.


You can also create an entire latest posts or threads page if you want. I've done this by making a new page and then adding a widget to it. Since I have my /whats-new/ directory blocked in the robots.txt file, I thought it was a good idea to get those latest posts crawled by Google and Bing. And since this will be its own page, you can have as many posts listed as you want. Please let me know if you're interested in knowing how I did this and I'll respond letting you know.
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