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Last game purchased?

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What was the last video game that you have purchased? How much did you pay for it? Where did you purchase it from?

For me it was Dead by Daylight & Friday 13th: The Game both for $15 USD. I got them from the Humble Spooky Horror Bundle and there were a few more smaller games in it.
The last game that I purchase was Rocket League from the PlayStation Store. I paid £9.73 for the Game of the Year edition of the game because it gave me some bonus items.
I never purchased anything, but my kid recently purchased something for his favorite PUBG game. I am not interested to play at this stage because of more financial issues.
I think it was CS Go on a new account trying some software xD, I think I bought like 10 cd keys for cs go :))) making a team
Last game i purchased was pro evolution soccer 2021 for pc ... i paid 21.9$ for it and i do that every year when the new version come out ... i am very addicted to the game
My last game i purchased was Rocket League 2 months ago and i paid 3$ and now its free. But its ok cuz i didnt pay a big price for him.
The last game I bought was the first Tomb Raider off of steam. It was only $1, and since I've been wanting to play the DLC for it, I can finally do so. (The PC version of the game was the only one that got extra content. The Sega Saturn and PS1 versions never got an expansion...) I love the classic TR games and even though I own the PS1 version I had to get the PC version since it was super cheap. xD
In 2018, I purchased football manager for $1 or thereabout and later regretted that decision. I later downloaded pes and it has been my main game till now
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