Is it worth to become free member in Neobux? How much a free member can earn?


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Neobux site is Legit and Paying since a long days.

But if you want to earn by joining now a free member, then I will suggest you will not earn anything as free member. The ad value are very less. It will take more than 100 days to earn only $1.

Still you can earn in this site, if you can get more Active Direct Referrals. But it is not so easy.


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All these paid to click sites or surveys that do not have a direction are a waste If time and resources. I would prefer spending many hours here on Bizdustry than these sites. How can I earn $2 a year while I can do that in 2days here?


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You are right. for someone to earn good amount of money on neobux, he will need lots of referrals. But who have time to waste time on bringing referrals to paid to click that at the end of it. It will be small dollar that will be earned with the referrals.
I think I will be able to join such a site that needs alot of referral like neobux, It makes no sense to me because I don't think I will be able to earn something tangible there.