Is AttaPoll Safe? Review Of This Money Making App


What is Attapoll?

Attapoll is an application for smartphones or tables that pays people for completing surveys. Attapoll app has a nice and easy to use interface, and it is available worldwide.

Here’s how Attapoll describe the app on their website :

“AttaPoll connects you with a wide range of companies and organisations that are looking for your views and opinions. By taking part in these surveys you will be helping them develop new products and services or improve existing ones.”

How much can you earn from Attapoll?

Attapoll is a survey app so your earnings depend on how many surveys you will find available and complete. But Attapoll is not like the usual survey websites or applications where you’ll find bunch of surveys available. It’s more like an application for occasional use, you install it on your mobile, you activate your notifications and you complete a survey every now and then when you get a notification and you have some time available. You might also want to check the app once in a while to see if there aren’t any surveys available in case the notification wasn’t sent or you missed it.

The payment for each survey completed depends on the category and length of the survey, you can earn between a couple euro cents up to a couple euros per survey. In general you’ll get between 0.10€ and 0.50€ per survey depending on its length.

You location plays a big factor in how many surveys you’ll find available in your account. If you live in a tier 2 or tier 3 country you’ll probably get just a couple surveys every month.

Realistically you can earn between 2 and 5 euros every month from this app. It’s definitely not a great amount of money but it’s one of the easiest way to earn some extra euros in your account.

How to withdraw your earnings from Attapoll?

Click on the blue button found on the home page, right when you open the app.


Here you’ll see what is your account balance and you’ll also see the payment methods available if you want to make withdrawal.


PayPal is the most used withdrawal method here. You can request a cash out when you have earned at least 3 euros in your account.

Revolut is the second withdrawal method available. You can request a cash out when you have earned at least 2.5 euros in your account.

There is also a cryptocurrency withdrawal method but this method is only available when you reach 10$ for ethereum and 100$ for bitcoin.

Additionally, if you want to help for a good cause you can choose to donate your earnings when your balance has reached at least 1 euro.

Withdrawals are processed almost instantly for both PayPal and Revolut.

Referral program


Attapoll offers you 0.57 euros for every referral you bring to the app. In order to be qualified as a valid referral your referral needs to have at least 3 surveys completed successfully in the first month after registration.

*Rewards for referrals might be different, depending on the country you live in. The rewards can be offered in dollars, Euros or british pounds.

Is Attapoll app legit?

AttaPoll Ltd is the company that owns this app. This is a real company from London, that was opened in 2016. If you do a quick search on Google you’ll quickly find tons of positive reviews about this company. Some people complain about the fact that they aren’t receiving enough surveys but there isn’t a single review complaining about not being payed the money they’ve earned in the app. To make things easier for you, I’ll attach multiple payment proofs from the app and you can find plenty more on the internet.

AttaPoll (1).JPG

Useful information about Attapoll

  1. You can check the history of your transactions on the balance page if you click on the history button from the top right of the page.
  2. Every time you enter a new survey you will receive 0.01 euro even if you are disqualified from it later on.
  3. You can set in your account how often you want to receive surveys and what length you want the surveys to have. This way you make sure you only receive surveys that you will have time to time.
  4. Entering a survey is not guaranteed to receive a reward. You’ll only receive the full reward if you complete the survey successfully until the end. You might be disqualified at any point during the survey for multiple reasons.
  5. PayPal withdrawal is instantly processed so if you don’t receive it in the following minutes after requesting it, this means there is an issue with your account. Either it is not verified or the setting on your PayPal account do not allow you to receive payments from anyone
  6. You cannot change your email address attached to your account. If you need to change the adress then you’ll need to create a new account. Keep in mind that your PayPal email adress doesn’t have to be the same with your account adress so don’t worry about that.
  7. If you have any other questions about Attapoll you can contact their support team by opening a ticket in the app.
  8. You can use the referral program to boost your earnings and reach the minimum withdrawal easier.
Depending on your location and the way you completed your profile you might receive just a few or a lot of surveys available. From personal experience and other users reviews, you’ll usually receive a survey every week or so. Also keep in mind that surveys aren’t paying big amounts of money. This means you won’t necessarily be able to earn a lot of money using Attapoll, but it is a good app because it is legit, it is completely free and it is also available worldwide.

How to join Attapoll?

Join Attapoll :


In order to join you’ll need to visit the app’s official website by clicking here Attapoll. You’ll find the buttons from Google Play and App Store there that will lead you directly to the app. You won’t need to complete a registration process as you will have to register directly with your Google account.

In order to start receiving surveys you’ll need to complete a survey about your profile. You’ll be asked basic questions here like your age, where you live, your studies, your income.
Attapoll is really a good way to make money online through survey. I have once worked on the platform before and I can say that it's fun. However, at some point I was frustrated to leave the platform just because they now select account the give survey
I am just coming across this platform for the first time here. You have really given much details about the above platform. But you did not tell us if you have earned there yet and if you have withdrawn from the platform before and how long it took to work to be able to withdraw. It is just my opinion.
This will be restricted to geographical locations as well. I have joined many survey sites that did not turn out well. Survey sites are not just my thing anymore. Thanks for sharing though
As always, everyday scammers keep pumping exploitive app that drain data online to enrich themselves while exploiting unsuspecting users. No need asking for reviews, there are lots of them on Google play, go there and do your research.
There is obviously so many offers available to people living in those tier one countries including all these surveys and other tasks. The offer is good and I also confirmed that the interface is clean and easy to use, thanks for the post.
When I heard about Attapoll, I was fascinated to try this out. I downloaded, installed and registered on the platform. sadly, they began to say surveys are not available in my location. I had to uninstall in a few days.
I have not heard of attapoll app but the bottom line is that survey has not been favorable at all
It works based on demographics. Getting necessary information on surveys.
There are some many make money platforms popping up on our internet space everyday and some might be legit others might just be facade which would only end up to be a waste of time. But this sound interesting and I hope it is not restricted to a certain region.
I have attapoll app installed on my phone and while it is true that you don't get a lot of surveys, the notifications are really helpful when it comes to catching them. I have not withdraw but I can see great potential. I think it's worth a shot and it's really easy to do!