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IPB vs MyBB, Which is better?


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Jul 29, 2018
As what the title says.. Just like your options and your thoughts on it.

For me I would always use IPB! but as you now it's an paid software
I think that I probably prefer IPB between the two of them, but they are very similar. I didn't really care for MyBB when I used it, though, because of the lack of plugins and themes available.
I'm going to vote for IPB too. It's a very good premium software but I think that the price there is a bit high. As a free option MyBB would be excellent. Just need to install the MyAlerts plugin and find a good theme.
I'm not a fan of IPB, to be honest. I just feel that it's a bit too bulky and large whereas a software like XenForo is great. But if I had to choose between IPB and MyBB, I would probably go with IPB. I think you just get a different feeling with a paid software and it's better to have it than MyBB.
From my experience IPB is much better from MyBB, I do use MyBB, for me it lacks a lot of functions and the functions it already has are mostly worse from similar function in IPB. The great thing about MyBB is community, you can find plenty of addons and styles for your forums, MyBB community is bigger than IPB, since Mybb is free and they make every public addon for free, in my IPB community I noticed few paid "hooks" which is not a problem for me because everyone wants to earn something for their hard work. But overall IPB wins for me, I don't use it for that long but so far experience is great
Entirely, it comes down to personal choice/preference. It's whatever suits your needs and requirements for your customers/forum users. For me, it's myBB and here are three reasons why:

  • Nice looks
  • It's free and easy to customize and maintain.
  • Plugin system is easy to use.
I will go with IPB here.

I have been using MyBB for more than 7 years now but it's not responsive. So, I will have to pick IPB over MyBB for that very reason. These days, many people are using their phone to access websites.
So, the forum should support responsive content.
I suppose we could use a responsive theme for it but still, that's too much work.
I use MyBb because it's free ofcourse and never had a probleme dealing with it . Also it's simple and as long it works for me i'll never go for Ipb
I am running a forum on MyBB, it is still a small community but I am perfectly satisfied with MyBB. I have never used IPB as an owner. However, I have used it as a staff and I think it is a nice script. Sadly, it is one of the most expensive scripts. You not only pay for the scripts for all add ons.