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Hi everyone!

My name is Dylan, I am 18 years old and currently busy setting up a big community!

In 2017 I started helping people with setting up Discord servers, Dedicated Game Servers & Standard websites for additional information.

Meanwhile I am working on a project with a group of friends which consists of our community called YoYo!

We offer:
Dedicated Game servers where you and your friends can play on!
A Discord community with a wide variety of topics such as Gaming, Programming and much more!
Our own custom Discord bot and custom server plugins to ensure you'll experience a nice and friendly time on our servers!

I am currently working on learning coding language(s) and the creating of custom logo's and banners. I am also busy trying to improve my Discord server and getting more game servers so more people can check out our servers and play there in a nice and friendly way!

My interests are:

I am currently active as an employee at a nursery soon to be switched to a employee at a distribution centre.
Also I am busy with completing my HAVO which is a higher level of school in the Netherlands!

Feel free to just add me on Discord to have a little conversation! Discord username: Bellator#0007
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