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Introducing yourself and what your job is

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Mar 24, 2020
Hello members.
My name is samsudin.
My age is 33 years old.
My job is full trader.
I hope this forum will become full and will become informative forum.
So it is time to share your experience here.
I trade forex and CFD.. only that job i can do it.. i started this since 2011.. i was unemployed and i knew this business since 2009 and I started studying it since 2011 and start trading 2012.. not easy to earn money from this job but am not gave up
Welcome. I'm a little curious if you living just from trade forex or you have also a normal job ?!
No i dont have it. Only trade that's my job. I joined on this business because i was unemployed. It was hard to found the real job for me.. and i dont use my own money from my pocket but i go it capital from demo contest when i won and reward forum as a bonus and the profit can be withdrawan any time.. only once i make a deposit from my saving.
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