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If someone bought you a knock off Gift most especially, cloth and perfumes

A toaster!

Unwrapped the gift, look at the gift and return it. Returning that gift is the most important part..So he doesn't think, by any stretch, he gave you a decent gift.
He is sure going to be offended when you return it.

Imposter gift (perfumes, shoes) are one of the worst things you can get anyone. It shows you have no taste, and you are not even aware of it. Even If you explain you can't afford to get the original.


When a potential love interest confesses they can't afford a gift and they buy the imposter, it is supposed to be cute and honest, right?


Save that for one of those Hollywood/Nollywood romance.
I can even write the script for your entertainment, but you should not live the life.
In real life, imitation gifts are a disgrace.

Stop that nonsense!
It should end in 2020 please.

"Poverty" does not mean you are senseless.

So what do you buy if you have just little to splurge on someone you like?

Local food, to be precise.
Don't be pretentious about affection. Tell her you are bringing a plate of amala and orisirisi (Nigerian delicacy) protein, and watch her laugh. She will look forward to it or buy hot roasted plantain(boli) with spicy sauce when you get to the roundabout close to her house. You also buy ofada rice(Nigerian rice). Take a picture while she is eating. Send her the picture later - well edited version - and tell her that you cannot wait to be able to afford to take her to fine-dining.
You will get all the "aww" and respect you deserve.
She will look forward to something -anything.
But there's nothing to look forward to after receive imposter gifts(shoes,perfumes)
That shit is a no-fucking- no.


For sure material things are not that important is the relation with someone is, it is amazing to give just to make someone be happy, see them enjoy something.
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