If you had a clone of yourself, but as a baby, how would you raise them??



I would actually work on myself more to be a better example, and just mirror my actions to him/her.


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Its not easy at all to raise a child. It seems like you can do better until you actually have one on your hands. The only thing I would do differently would be to teach the little me how to be self dependent.


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Having the clone of myself as a baby, will be an interesting one for me. I will raise him in a way that he will have a courageous spirit, especially in the midst of his colleagues. He will be a better version of myself


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If I have a clone of my self as a baby I will raise the baby to be kind, loving, strong and hard working, I will also teach him/ her to be independent and also learn a skill with all my full support.


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I think I we train up the clone in the same ways my parents brought me up but better, the places my parents where lacking on, I would definitely include them to the training, the little mistakes they made, I would try my best not to make them as well.

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I find this a very interesting question! I would try my best to give the kid-clone a psychologically good environment by attempting to shed my own biases and expectations.