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May 1, 2023
Hi there,

I am new today,

Taking very baby steps to get my sea legs as nervous about making a mistake and doing something wrong.

I am a 59 lady (60 later this year) who just loves to chat about all and everything and can chat for ever once started.

Have four grown up children, two girls and two boys, and a husband.

Work part time in a tomato and pepper factory.

Dog sit for brother in law every so often.

Love reading, baking, chatting, going for walks, some TV

Always looking for ways to make a few pennies from home

I am sure I will be telling you so much more about me and my life once I get chatting to you all.
Welcome to Bizdustry @Susye :) it's awesome to have you here with us. If you have any issues or need assistance please do not hesitate to let us know :) see you around the forum :)
Thank you.I shall go slow for a short while and get my sea legs, not very good on new things.

Am confused about how we get paid , what we get paid for etc

Thank you for being here for me, and everyone else
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