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HTML, Domain Registrations and Web hosting (Educational)

I Am Learning PHP, CSS and Django Python. I request The member start Django Thread too.

from where do you learn PHP? and what level you reached? how many hours a day you learn coding in general?
From where i cand lear some basic of php and how hard is to learn ?
A good place to learn PHP is Codecademy (link). There are also a ton of videos available on YouTube, but the quality really varies.

Because many websites are built using PHP and most web hosts support it, I sure think it could be useful to know PHP. But don't get stuck with it because there are better and more modern languages available for web development. Two examples are Node.JS and Golang. Many old companies still use PHP but I think that's rarely the case for startups.

I am creating this thread to share and Learn basic and advanced Coding on HTML, Web designing and web hosting. Please feel free to discuss and share the beautiful designs.
Wow it will be useful knowledge. I think it is very interesting for me to know more because i dont know much about this. I hope you can start as soon to share your knowledge.
I am yet to learn programming, however, I have been thinking about learning programming since a long time. I have even enrolled for a programming course on udemy, however, I am yet to start the course.
The OP seem to have mixed up things. He includes HRML, domain registrations and web hosting in one place. HTML is related to programing, you need coding skills to use HTML, However, you just need money to register domain and buy hosting.
From where i cand lear some basic of php and how hard is to learn ?
You can learn the basic of PHP from YouTube because YouTube has thousands of videos that will teach you on this subject. On how difficult it is to learn, it I will say it is fairly difficult but if you put in your mind into it you can learn it quickly with YouTube.
I'm however to discover programs, nevertheless, I have actually been actually considering knowing programs because a very long time. I have actually also registered for a programs program on udemy, nevertheless, I'm however to begin the program.
HTML and CSS are fairly easy and straight forward. I usually just look up code as I need it and string it together. I do this on my forums and blogs.
Please do, I'll be extremely glad. Fun fact is I learnt HTML language back then in high school but abandoned it after a while and now I'm seeing the importance of coding. I wish I'd taken the option earlier.

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