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How to write an SEO article


Some simple steps to help you learn how to write SEO articles

Before I go into these steps, let me explain the concept of keyword density. The number of times a keyword is mentioned on a given page can help determine how that page is optimized for search engines. When it comes to keyword density, it seems like a density level ranging from 1% to 4% is the best recommendation on how to write SEO articles, without exaggerating on the use of keywords. I would recommend a keyword density of between 1% and 3%, in order to be safe and to avoid using it in places where the article can be read easily and in italics.

Keyword research. Let's say you are done with the initial keyword research phase and you have the target keyword (or keywords) ready. To get a rank for this word, you should do a Google Ad-words Tool search to a) check your keyword competition and b) try to write unique content that is not available on your competitor's site. .

Use of header tags for headlings. You should always use subheadings when writing an article. You can do this by using h2 tags. This helps you keep your ideas organized and much easier to read and they also provide a great place for keyword placement. The search engines pay close attention to the keywords entered in header tags, so try to use the keyword in a subheading to be noticed by the search engine.

Titles, H1 tags and meta descriptions are important. One of the most important places where you can use target keywords is title, headlines and meta descriptions. Write an attractive headline of impact that people want to click immediately. For example, if the keyword is "car" you could use a title like "Learn how to drive a car" or "How to choose a car that suits your lifestyle" or something similar that is relevant to the written content.

Keyword density. To be effective for a search engine, an article should either be focus on target keywords or keyword expressions. On average, an SEO article should have a keyword density between 1 - 4%. To determine this density, make the ratio between the number of keywords or keyword expressions that appear in the article and the total number of words in the article, or you can use a special application to calculate it.
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It is good if you have a niche blog or website to study the keywords your competition uses so you can become creative and use what works well for others and it is similar with your own content, this is a key part to grow.
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