How to Leave Buyer or Seller Reviews

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We have had a function for awhile now, called the Trader Addon. This Addon allows you to leave feedback on other users, so that others would know if you had a good or bad experience with a particular user, during a Marketplace Exchange.

Now, we didn't initially provide instructions or information on how to use this previously, but the hopes was that it could be easily found by those who used the marketplace frequently enough, that they would go to other users profiles to verify the user they were exchanging with. This normally could be seen by viewing the particular user's profile. With this update, you can now see the links in the Individual Marketplace Thread that the topic starter created.

This now allows you to give feedback regarding an exchange, directly regarding the particular user. If you would like to leave standard feedback in the service thread, you can still do that, if you want the review to be seen in the thread itself.

The following are instructions on how to use the system.

In each thread in the Marketplace, there is the text "Trader History for User" (the person who started the thread). By clicking that, you would be given the ability to rate the user, based on whether bought or sold them something. Exchanges act the same way. If you provided a service, you can rate them as a buyer. If you bought a service from someone, you can rate them as a seller.

If you want to submit a review based on them being the seller, click on "Submit Feedback" under the seller section.
If you want to submit a review based on them buying something from you, click on "Submit Feedback" under the buyer section.

Reminder: Any feedback given that can be seen as abuse of the system, we will review and give out punishments, based on investigation.
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